Who we are


Vista is a Jordanian company specialized in manufacturing fertilizers, established in 2009. Using advanced production technology and techniques, we produce variety of new, high quality and affordable fertilizers to meet the developing needs of the agricultural sector.

Our factory is located in (Ma’an – industrial Park) 200 km south of the Jordanian Capital Amman, and 100 km north of Aqaba sea port, which enables us to export our products to north Africa, East Asia and most Middle East countries
In order to stay at high level of efficiency and quality we conduct scientifically observed field experiments, both regionally and internationally.

Our ability to produce products that meet the regulations and international standards of each and every country we intend to export to, comes from our commitment to produce high quality competitive fertilizers. And thus our company is always welling to open new markets and expand our international activities.


Environment friendly and economical fertilizers is what we produce, which meet the growing needs of the agricultural sector wither farmers use modern or traditional methods.









Vision and Ethics

    • - Using scientific developed techniques is our greatest asset, we guarantee high competitive products both in our region and internationally.


    • - We are proud of our high commitment to all professional trading ethics with all importers and business associates evenly regardless the size of their companies.


    • - The technical division of our company provides our agents with technical support before and after buying any of our products.


    • - Highly customized products are produced in accordance with each agent’s conditions and requirements.






Research and Development


In order to keep the high quality of our products, various measures are taken:


    • Developed and untraditional production systems are used to provide new developed products.
    • Full study of each product and pinpointing the crops that it can be used for.


    • Less quantity with high quality is one of our goals, this helps in reducing cost, environmental pollution and loss of products


    • Customizing products to specific countries in accordance with their climate, soil and crops.
    • Our products help to achieve more yield with less cost.


    • Our products are tested in field experiments all the year around and for several seasons. These field experiments give clear description and the application rates of each products, how and when it should be used.


    • In order to provide the best choice to each agent we conduct a careful examination and assessment of other companies’ products.



    That how we always give you the best.